JMeter is a completely Java-based open source software, which is owned by Apache foundation. It is mainly used for performance testing, which tests and analyzes the performance of application by simulating concurrent load. JMeter was originally designed to test web applications deployed on the server side, and now it has developed into a wider range of fields. JMeter has become the mainstream performance testing tool.


As an excellent open source project, JMeter has an open, strong and active community support.
JMeter supports multiple types of applications, services and protocols. The official support includes: HTTP Web applications, HTTPS Web applications, SOAP, REST, FTP, TCP, LDAP, Java objects, JDBC-connected databases, etc. More protocols can be supported after expansion.
JMeter has cross-platform features and can run on multiple operating system platforms such as Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. Testers create JMeter scripts through JMeter GUI interface, or generate scripts through recording, and then run tests through GUI interface or command line.
JMeter is highly extensible, and testers can develop custom plugins based on JMeter, which will be loaded and run by JMeter.