IoT solutions

With the landing of 5G and related IoT technologies, various IoT applications are also developing rapidly, which generally have the characteristics of a large amount of access devices, diversified protocols, and complex system integration architecture. In the rapid iterative process of application development, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the IoT platform before it is officially launched, and verify whether the platform can be connected to a large number of devices to achieve horizontal expansion and other functions. Therefore, it is necessary to have a flexible and efficient performance test platform to quickly simulate actual scenarios, and to find and solve problems as early as possible in the test environment.

Support ultra-large-scale IoT connections
The XMeter software platform can simulate a 200,000 MQTT connections for a single machine, and through horizontal expansion, it can simulate millions of MQTT connections
Support various protoco in IoT applications
XMeter has built-in support for IoT protocols such as MQTT, LwM2M, etc. It can also be extended to simulate various TCP-based private protocols; The performance of HTTP interface for each integrated component in the IoT platform can also be tested
Abundant monitoring charts and system monitoring
XMeter supports the visual display of various performance indicators such as the number of connections, throughput and error rate in the performance test. It also supports various system monitoring, including the resource utilization of the tested system and middleware Rate display, etc., which can quickly locate and resolve performance bottlenecks