Financial solutions

The systems of financial industry are complex, including both transaction system of banks, and new generation of banking systems such as online banking, and various activities launched in cooperation with e-commerce. These applications require various performance tests to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the financial system. In the financial industry, there is a separate test quality department who is responsible for the acceptance test system, and cooperation with the development department to improve the quality of software delivery. During the software testing process, there will be communication and exchanges between departments. The quality department needs to quickly and accurately find out the problems during the performance test process, and feedback to the development department.

Rich protocol support and extensions
XMeter has built-in support for 20+ mainstream common protocol. Users can also support custom protocol testing through plug-ins, as well as performance testing for mainframes, core transactions and online banking systems
Monitoring charts and system monitoring
XMeter supports the visual display of various performance indicators such as the number of connections, throughput and error rate in the performance test. It also supports various system monitoring, including the resource utilization of the tested system and middleware Rate display, etc., which can quickly locate and resolve performance bottlenecks
Centralized and unified management of the test resource pool
XMeter platform can manage the test resource pool in a unified and centralized manner. Test resources are allocated on demand. After the test is completed, it is scheduled and recycled within seconds, which saves computing resources to the greatest extent and realizes efficient use of computing power
User management and continuous testing support
XMeter can manage users according to their departments, integrate with Jenkins to achieve continuous performance testing, and conduct continuous performance verification during the release process of the Internet of things platform, so as to easily feed back the performance problems to the development department and quickly solve the problems