Internet solutions

Internet applications are generally oriented to end consumers, and have the characteristics of large concurrent visits and flexible business changes. Therefore, a flexible and readily-available performance test platform is required to quickly simulate a large number of users and verify the horizontal scalability of the system. so as to ensure efficient and stable operation on the production system.

Online cloud stress test
With the elastic scalability provided by the cloud, XMeter can dynamically allocate machines and bandwidth at each node in the cloud, and initiate online stress tests on the system under test. The test is charged by second to realize fast and efficient stress test
HTTP protocol support and extension
XMeter is fully compatible with JMeter scripts, and supports flexible writing of various scripts for performance testing of HTTP protocol applications; it can also support custom protocol testing through plug-ins, such as performance verification test for various middleware
Monitoring charts and system monitoring
XMeter supports the visual display of various performance indicators such as the number of connections, throughput and error rate in the performance test. It also supports various system monitoring, including the resource utilization of the tested system and middleware Rate display, etc., which can quickly locate and resolve performance bottlenecks