IoV Solutions

The IoV mainly establishes the connection between cars and cars, cars and people, and cars and roads through the 'cloud management' technology, and realizes on-board information services, vehicle control automation and intelligent transportation. For example, consumer-oriented Internet of Vehicles applications have the characteristics of large visits and tidal access in the morning and evening. How to ensure that the system can cope with the instantaneous pressure during the peak period of access and how to support various protocol standards of the Internet of Vehicles platform are important issues to be considered in the acceptance of the Internet of vehicles platform.

Support ultra-large-scale Internet of Vehicles connection
XMeter software platform simulates the car, and achieves the test of simulating millions of connections through horizontal expansion
IoV protocol extension
XMeter has built-in support for MQTT protocol testing. It can also be extended to simulate various TCP-based IoV private protocols, and it can also perform performance testing on the HTTP or other interfaces of each component in the IoV platform
Abundant monitoring charts and system monitoring
XMeter supports the visual display of various performance indicators such as the number of connections, throughput and error rate in the performance test. It also supports various system monitoring, including the resource utilization of the tested system and middleware Rate display, etc., which can quickly locate and resolve performance bottlenecks